How To Pass The Architect Registration Exam - Hardcopy

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No matter where you are in the ARE process, you will benefit from this book. From deciding if taking the ARE is the right path for you to figuring out what to do after you’ve passed, How to Pass the ARE will give valuable information to help you move through the AREs towards becoming a Licensed Architect.

In 120 pages, How to Pass the Architecture Registration Exam, takes a thorough look at the following topics:

  • What the ARE is and how to wrap your head around it.
  • Is taking the ARE even right for you?
  • How to use all the study material.
  • Dealing with failure.
  • How to mentally think about the ARE.
  • Understanding how you learn.
  • How to break down multiple choice questions.
  • Things to consider on testing day.
  • How to survive the long-haul commitment of getting through 7 exams.
  • Finishing the process and becoming licensed.

If you’re working full-time and trying to figure out how to fit the exam into your busy schedule, this book is DEFINITELY for you. Not only does How to Pass the ARE provide a realistic approach to taking and completing the ARE while working full-time, it also serves as a one-stop resource for real-life, practical guidance. Best of all, your investment in “How to Pass the ARE” will pay for itself many times over. Sure, there is a ton of free ARE information available out there.

Halfway through my ARE’s I started to realize that my time would be my most valuable resource. I guarantee that no other single resource will save you as much time as getting the comprehensive, experienced-based knowledge you need. Unlike most of the stuff published about the Architect Exam, this book was written by someone who has actually taken the exam!

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. If you purchase How to Pass the ARE and feel that it provided you no value, I will issue a full refund—and apologize for wasting your time. Good luck on your journey toward becoming a Licensed Architect.


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